Establishing reading habits in students to improve lifelong learning outcomes

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What is Fiction Express?

An innovative book platform that connects students with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through fun co-creation of stories.

Every half-term, three books are published on our website in weekly chapters. What happens next is entirely up to the readers. Using their votes, they are able to decide where the plot goes next. Then the author will bring the most popular choice to life.

Why Fiction Express?

Two students voting

“I like voting and waiting until the next chapter to see what people around the world have voted for”.

William, year 6

“All the school love Fiction Express. Teachers are enthusiastic because of the fact that the kids are so noticeably excited each week.”

Catherine Mellersh, Meadowside Primary School

How does it work?

  • Read the weekly chapter

  • Vote between different plot lines

  • Talk to the author while writing

  • Improve your learning results

1 Read the chapter

At any time, readers can choose from one of three books being published live at reading ages 6+, 8+ and 10+ which can be read online, offline or on paper. Our online reader offers added accessibility for dyslexic readers in different font and background colour combinations.

In addition, the Fiction Express Gold Reader level gives access to more than 80 books previously published on the platform where readers can compare their vote against the option that won when the book was initially written.

Read the chapter

2 Vote on the plot

Be part of the story and decide what happens next through an online voting system. The voting deadline gives readers an impetus to complete the chapter before midday every Tuesday when the author starts writing the winning option. The only way for them to find out if their vote won is to read the next chapter.

Vote what happens

3 Answer the quiz

Each Fiction Express chapter is linked to an online comprehension quiz. Immediate results are given to students and shown on the teacher’s dashboard. The multiple choice questions can be stored as evidence to see how their scores improve, and teachers can easily identify who is struggling with comprehension before discussing the chapter in class.

Complete the quiz

4 Talk to the author

Students and teachers interact with the authors through the book forum of every live book. They can share all their ideas and thoughts about the book or post questions. Authors get real-time feedback from their readers as they write the story.

Talk to the author

5 Enjoy the activities

Teachers are supported with an annual publishing plan and additional activities for every chapter to ensure the story’s learning potential is exploited to the full.

Progress is evidenced in the teacher dashboard showing individual student usage in terms of reading, voting and the outcome comprehension questions. Fiction Express allows teachers to track student attainment over the year.

Enjoy activities

Improve your skills

Fiction Express is designed to improve children’s attitudes towards reading for pleasure. Progress is made evident through the teacher dashboard showing individual student’s reading, voting and comprehension question results. Fiction Express allows teachers to track student attainment over the year.

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