Fiction Express books

These books have all been created using the Fiction Express methodology. Thousands of students voted and decided the next twist in the plot which the author write. Subscribe today and enjoy the experience.

Live books

Discover the books that are being created now. Three reading levels, five chapters released on a weekly basis and 18 new books per year.

Library books

Ordered by number of Fiction Express books published

Alex Woolf

David Macphail

Jan Burchett

Sara Vogler

Simon Cheshire

Damian Harvey

Saviour Pirotta

Marie-Louise Jensen

Cethan Leahy

Andrew G Taylor

Kathryn James

Stewart Ross

Christina Clover

Alan Durant

Cavan Scott

Narinder Dhami

Tommy Donbavand

Ann Evans

Sharon Gosling

Alice Kuipers

Adam Bushnell

Jo Franklin

Louie Stowell

Sylvia Bishop

Tamsin Cooke

Tom Huddleston

Barry Hutchison

Louise John

Emma Smith-Barton

Steve Barlow

Lynne Benton

Ian Billings

Paul Bright

Catherine A Cooper

Bea Davenport

Penny Dolan

Adam Guillain

Isobel Holmes

Janelle McCurdy

Tamsyn Murray

Paula Niclomhair

Steve Skidmore

Dan Smith

Mark Wright