Reading level 1

Ice Quest

Author Alice Kuipers


cooperation, sustainable development, family, environment, overcoming adversity

Bec's dad has taken her on his latest scientific exploration of the North Pole. Bec hates the snow and cold, and she has already spent a year shivering in the icy landscape. Then Bec’s dad fails to return from his research trip one afternoon, and Bec is afraid. She sets out with her dog, Ice, to find her father, and discovers a magical winter wonderland amidst the vanishing glaciers...


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Live topic 5

What would you do if you were trapped in a cave overnight? What would you think about? How would you spend the time?

Live topic 6

What do you think that Bec might discover at the bottom of the hole? I can't wait to see if your ideas like the next chapter I've JUST finished writing for you!