Level 3


Author Kathryn James

Human interest

bullying, self-esteem, discrimination, empathy, environment

Harrison has Tourette’s syndrome and struggles to keep his tics under control at school – it is a massive relief to get home to his bedroom every day. But when other students start twitching, the whole school is put under quarantine – everyone must stay there. It is Harrison’s worst nightmare. But what is causing these twitches? Are they the result of a massive joke, or of mass hysteria? Or is something more sinister going on?

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

3454 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Tic, Tock

    Harrison’s day is not going well. He couldn’t stop phoning Ella the night before and his nemesis Wes is bullying him again. Then the whole school starts to tic and everyone thinks it’s HIS fault...

  • Chapter 2 Escape

    Harrison just has to get out of the hall. But the tics are showing no signs of stopping and the quarantine will not be ending soon. Then he finds an unlikely ally, and some information...

  • Chapter 3 Hello Danger

    Harrison and Bronte have teamed up – and just in time if they are to follow up on the lead that Jed has given them. And they still have to deal with Wesley, the guards, and a hall full of students...

  • Chapter 4 Cover-up

    Harrison makes a shocking discovery and the friends need help. Then, suddenly, Dr Rose and the guards are gone and new people arrive, leaving Harrison deeply suspicious...

  • Chapter 5 Just Desserts

    A new intrusion makes a cover-up all the more difficult for those in charge. Can Harrison and his friends finally prove who is behind the poisoning of Blackbrook Academy?

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