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Author Dan Smith

Mystery and Thriller

self-esteem, honesty, inclusion, overcoming adversity, bravery

Tyler is always in trouble. So, when a phone goes missing, everyone assumes he is the thief. And that’s the problem. Everyone always assumes he is to blame. Is it any wonder that he hates them? Will Tyler give up on himself just as everyone else seems to have done when his situation goes from bad to worse?

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

2526 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Accused

    When Sophia’s expensive new phone goes missing from her schoolbag, Tyler Robinson is immediately accused of stealing it... the same way he is always accused when anything at all goes wrong...

  • Chapter 2 Abandoned

    Trouble stacks up for Tyler, and he must face his brother, Jace. Whether he stole the phone seems less relevant as the fate of their parents becomes clearer, and Jace’s anger spirals out of control...

  • Chapter 3 Armed and Dangerous

    Tyler is no longer alone out on the moor, and he is quick to share the tragedy of his parents. But is this person to be trusted, or could Tyler find himself in even greater danger than before?

  • Chapter 4 Surrounded

    Alfie’s violent behaviour towards the ranger shocks Tyler, and he becomes more and more disillusioned. When a wildfire begins, it seems like none of them will escape unscathed...

  • Chapter 5 Truth

    With the wildfire now raging, Tyler is running out of options. The ranger orders him to run and save himself, but will he leave her, or can he find a way to save them both from the inferno?

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