Level 3

Warning Signs

Author Ann Evans

Fantasy and Myths

initiative, perseverance, overcoming adversity, bravery, fiction award

When Danny and his father have a car accident and crash into a deep pond, they are lucky to escape with their lives. What’s more, Danny is convinced he saw someone, something, at the bottom of the pond. Are the dark secrets of his village and the witch trials that happened there coming back to haunt the villagers?

Fiction Express Awards 2021. Winner
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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

3299 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Accident

    Nobody believes Danny when he says he saw something, or someone, come out of the pond – he has just had a nasty accident, after all. But Danny is determined to find out what he saw...

  • Chapter 2 The Accused

    Danny and Liam investigate the strange appearances from the pond, learning some gruesome history about the accused women along the way. And they soon learn how it feels to be accused themselves...

  • Chapter 3 Memories

    As Danny and Liam learn more about the so-called witches, they become more sympathetic to the women’s plight. But the people of Witchford Heath are not happy with the new arrivals, or with the boys...

  • Chapter 4 The List

    The so-called witches are still causing mayhem, but Danny is determined to do something to help them. And while Avelina gets used to modern life, she makes a shocking discovery about her mother...

  • Chapter 5 The Performance

    Avelina’s mother is still missing, but can Emelda provide some answers to Danny and Avelina’s many questions? And can the women’s performance help to heal some ancient wounds in Witchford Heath?

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