Reading level 3


Author Andrew G Taylor

Mystery and Thriller

autonomy, confidence, equality, initiative, bravery

In this gripping sequel to Spycase, Jane is back in action with her AI assistant, Evans. Jane’s mum is a super spy, and Jane is following firmly in her mother’s footsteps. When Evans detects a major incident involving her mother at Company HQ, Jane immediately sets off to find out what is going on. Her mission will be complicated, not least because the Company’s super AI, Cato, has been severely hacked…


Book Forum

it was very dramatic you really inspire me to become author. why did you have to put a cheesy bit. youwon the international best author award LOL

Can 14 February 2019, 07:38 p.m.

I really loved this book it was good and creepy.

Casmcc 15 February 2019, 07:33 a.m.

Nice book I realy like it 

flamebird 15 February 2019, 09:10 a.m.