Reading level 2

The Search for the Copper Scroll

Author Saviour Pirotta


cooperation, empathy, initiative, multiculturalism, teamwork

Qumran, Spring 1951. When Bedouin goatherds Mehedi and Aliyah are drawn to a cave on private land, they find a copper scroll, just like The Dead Sea Scrolls. Except, this scroll is different. This scroll contains something long forgotten, hidden in the depths of the desert. And someone else is after the secret of this copper scroll and will stop at nothing to get it…


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Live topic 7

Aliyah and Mehedi's front door is painted a bright blue because it reminds them of water. What is your favourite colour, and why?

Live topic 8

Sarah mentions iced buns in her conversation. They are very popular in the UK. What's your favourite treat, and who would you share it with?