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Author Kathryn James

Human interest

autonomy, confidence, discrimination, healthy habits, overcoming adversity

Otis isn’t sporty, unlike the rest of his athletic family. The rare medical syndrome he suffers means he gets tired easily. His greatest love is for illustrating comics, much to his father’s disappointment. And when Otis is left at the Fairhaven Institute, the medical centre he has been visiting since birth, it becomes clear that some changes have been made to his brain. Some changes that Otis has no control over...

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

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  • Chapter 1 Switch On

    Otis never enjoys his annual visit to Fairhaven Medical Institute. But this year, his father leaves him there to stay, and it’s clear that things are going to be very different...

  • Chapter 2 Dilemma

    When Otis wakes up, his life is totally different. He is totally different. And as he starts to find out more about what this new life will be like, he becomes less certain about it.

  • Chapter 3 Truth or Lies?

    The Fairhaven Institute has more dark secrets that Otis uncovers as he explores. But is everything as it seems? Can Otis trust his new friends, or is the situation more complicated?

  • Chapter 4 Nacho Boy

    Otis’s neuro net is getting rapidly enhanced, and his energy levels are soaring. But he still doesn’t know who to trust. And as he becomes more overwhelmed, he starts to become a danger to himself...

  • Chapter 5 Mind Control

    As Otis meets more enhanced children, he improves his skills and learns more about how dangerous Martha can be. But the problem of Fairhaven remains. Are they strong enough to defeat the Institute?

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