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Finding Nessie

Author Kathrin Spinnler


bullying, autonomy, discrimination, initiative, respect for animals

Lucy and Thomas have moved to the Scottish Highlands from London. Their first meeting with the local kids does not go well, but it leads them to discover an old castle. And from there, they look out on the mysterious Loch Ness. Thomas is sure he sees a strange shadow in the lake, and they both find some very strange footprints…


  • Chapter 1 Loch Ness

    Lucy and Thomas want to explore their new home in the Scottish Highlands. They promise their mum that they will not go near Loch Ness, but then Thomas gets a dare...

  • Chapter 2 Into the Forest

    Lucy and Thomas are very surprised by who they find when they go inside the ruined castle. And they are even more surprised when they hear more about the Loch Ness monster, Nessie...

  • Chapter 3 Nessie

    The girl has news about Nessie, but she was so mean before that Lucy wonders if she is trying to trick her and Thomas. If they want to help Nessie, they might need to find a way to work together...

  • Chapter 4 The Trick

    The children get a surprise at their father’s office, and they find out about a clever trick he is planning. Then they get into trouble. They must find their father to help themselves and Nessie!

  • Chapter 5 The Egg

    Lucy has to make Colin stop searching for Nessie, but will he believe her? And Thomas and Fiona need to persuade Dad that Nessie is in the forest if they want to protect her and her egg.

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