Level 3


Stage Fright

Author Ann Evans

Human interest

friendship, self-esteem, healthy habits, honesty

Lizzie has one ambition – to be an actor. She loves drama, singing and dancing, and has been in every school play since she started school. The trouble is, her parents do not support this ambition. Lizzie has lots of followers on social media, and she’s always posting videos. Her followers love this, and she loves their attention. But is everyone who they say they are?


  • Chapter 1 Encore!

    It’s the opening night of the town youth production of the year, and Lizzie has one of the main roles. Her best friend is there to cheer her along, but there’s no one from her family...

  • Chapter 2 Tickets

    Lizzie’s parents have shown no interest in the show, and she is desperate for their support. She has a plan to involve them, but will they be open to it? Meanwhile, she is asked for her autograph...

  • Chapter 3 Guilt

    Lizzie feels guilty about secretly applying to audition, and she still can’t make her mother see things from her perspective. Plus, she has an online safety project to work on with Maya...

  • Chapter 4 Stalker Alert

    Lizzie feels really concerned by Alex’s behaviour, although she tries to focus on her performance. And when the director, Hamish O’Leary, praises her talent, she almost forgets all about Alex...

  • Chapter 5 Betrayal

    Lizzie tries to understand how her brother has been mean and devious. Meanwhile, the threat from Alex intensifies, and Lizzie’s parents begin to realise that they need to be more involved...

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