Level 2

The Pirate’s Revenge

Author Stewart Ross


ingenuity, initiative, perseverance, teamwork, bravery

Young Arden Tregorey’s arch enemy, the dastardly ‘Luggole’ Spain has escaped from prison. The pirate is determined to recover stolen treasure from the seabed off the island of Hispaniola, and only Arden can stop him. Leaving his father to manage their inn, he sets sail alone for the Caribbean – and into a world of dishonesty, double-dealing and terrible danger. Will he succeed? The readers decide!

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

399 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Warning!

    Why, I wondered, do seafaring folk always sing of disasters? Old Jacob Winstanley, who had weathered more storms than anyone I know, was in full cry. He stood before the fire of our inn, the Frien...

  • Chapter 2 A Helping Hand

    When I gave no reply, Cadan’s fierce grip tightened on my shoulder. “I told ye, Tregorey,” he shouted above the howling of the storm, “me and my mate Jago’ll see ye come to no harm.” No harm? The...

  • Chapter 3 The Fight

    I looked across at Oloudah. “Reckon we could make a run for it?” I asked. “It’s already quite dark–” “No lad,” he interrupted, shaking his head and sucking in air through his teeth. “There’s no e...

  • Chapter 4 Prisoners

    I stopped rowing and turned to take a better look ahead. No, there was no sign of the schooner that had brought me here earlier in the day. I had left her moored in the bay, and now…. The ship, wi...

  • Chapter 5 Treasure!

    A shaft of moonlight lay between the stairway and the corner where Oloudah and I were chained. As the mysterious figure advanced, the pale light fell briefly on a familiar face. For a second I th...