Reading level 3

The Cape of Bad Hope

Author Alan Durant

Human interest

coexistence, discrimination, multiculturalism, environment, respect for animals

Would you like to spend your holiday on a crocodile farm with your worst enemy? Nonikiwe Mattita certainly wouldn’t. But when Mum goes away for work, Noni is sent far away to Cape Town. She will spend a week living with the crocodiles, and with Johan, whom she despises. And to make matters worse, there is tension at the farm. Noni soon finds herself involved in a deadly mystery. Will she – and Johan – survive to tell the tale?  


Book Forum

I love in general this book but I have really enyoyed this last chapter it has been very interesting, I knew from the beginning that it was going to be the most un-expected character who killed the crocodile and create crocoil in an illegal way, but, i wasnt expecting that a lot (most) of people from the farm were involved, I just thougth it was one criminal, so that made it even more interesting.

A thing that I have missed about the book is the love between Johan and Noni,I mean, I think that should be somenthing to end the book, like a Kiss or something.But it dosnt matter the rest was fantastic!

I would like to read a second part

love y´all


Paula2a 3 April 2020, 12:18 p.m.

I like the ending of the story. The idea of involving almost everyone in the crocoil thing is quite good.

marmunozh 3 April 2020, 12:19 p.m.

Responding to the question proposed by the author Alan, I must say I love the two main characters… Noni and John for me seem so different when in reality they are the same. I envisioned them as two (a bit insecure) teenagers that at time they act in a too arrogant and mean way, when there really have so much to offer, so much knowledge, fun and kindness. I’m sure it’ll happen at one pint, and I maintain my hope’s up for the day Noni and Johan friendship will flourish.

Its so cool how as I read I feel identified in the behavior of some characters, I empathyze with Johan and Noni and find out they are actually more similar than they though, as I’m a bit of both ways. I can relate with the goofy , crazy and clumsy side of Johan, but also with the reflective moments and constant thinking, problem solving… of Noni.

I'm stoked to see what awaits for the two of them.

Thanks for bringing them both to life.

crivii 3 April 2020, 12:22 p.m.