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Little Shop of Ghosts

Author Simon Cheshire


cooperation, ingenuity, overcoming adversity

The gloomy Little Shop Of Ghosts is owned by real ghosts – Mr Creep and his son, Cedric. The town's humans think the shop sells joke stuff, but it's all real! When the mall has a Halloween display competition, with the prize being an interview on the TV news, the ghosts think this is their chance to be taken seriously. The humans think the display is fake, until the Little Shop's nastiest beast escapes and humans and ghosts must work together to prevent 'IT' from eating the entire shopping mall…


Book Forum

Thank you! I wanted to write this story because I've always enjoyed reading ghost stories myself.

Author  Simon Cheshire  ·  4 October 2017, 01:41 p.m.

I hate this!!!

edmund 10 October 2017, 06:40 p.m.

Never mind, try another book?

Author  Simon Cheshire  ·  11 October 2017, 01:32 p.m.