Level 3

Crime Team - Ghost Ship

Authors Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore

Mystery and Thriller

compromise, cooperation, ingenuity, teamwork, bravery

The MV Black Sea Trader, which has been missing for 3 months, turns up, abandoned by its crew. The Crime Team are sent in to investigate the mystery. Was the ship really being used to transport grain or something much more deadly? And why did the ship disappear for so long before it was found? The crime team is a top crime-busting unit called in to solve only the toughest mysteries.

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

396 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Gone Missing

    The tyres of the Boeing 737 squeal as it touches down at Mombasa airport on the steamy Kenyan coast. You are tired. Your journey from New York has taken over 23 hours. All you know about your curr...

  • Chapter 2 Mysterious Cargo

    You stare down the muzzle of the driver’s gun. “I won’t tell you again,” he snarls. “Get – in – the – car!” You step forward, as if to obey. But in the same instant, you reach for the pistol tuc...

  • Chapter 3 Unwelcome Information

    “The answer is obvious,” you say. “There’s no point interviewing the fishermen, they won’t be able to give us any more information.” “What about the pirate?” asks Pavlov. You stare at him. “The ...

  • Chapter 4 Free Fall

    “All right, Viktor,” you say. “I’ll trust you. For now.” Pavlov inclines his head in thanks. “I won’t call in NATO warships to deal with this situation. But I’m not calling in the Russian Navy, ei...

  • Chapter 5 False Dawn

    “I’m not prepared just to turn the whole case over to the Russians,” you say, “though Pavlov’s offer of a helicopter distraction might still come in handy. I think the air attack is too risky, Tod...