Reading level 3

Deadly Storm

Author Kathryn James

Mystery and Thriller

autonomy, family, initiative, overcoming adversity, bravery

May has been living at her new foster home for just over a week. Her little brother, Storm, should be with her. But Storm went missing a week ago. Police have been looking for him ever since. On the seventh day of his disappearance – which just happens to be May’s thirteenth birthday – she is being questioned again about her missing brother. Then a teenage boy walks into the room, grinning, and claims to be Storm…


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Live topic 5

There are clues in Chapter 2 about an alternate world - if you had to imagine another world, what would it be like? How would it look? How would you survive? 

Live topic 7

Here's another quick maths problem, if one hour equals fifteen days, what does one Earth minute equal on Storm's alternate world. It's important for Chapter 3.