Level 2

The Tooth Fairy Murders

Author Barry Hutchison

Fantasy and Myths

coexistence, honesty, solidarity, bravery

Someone is murdering Tooth Fairies. The gnomes know something, but they’re not talking. When a human boy, Connor Goodwin, is framed for the crimes, there is only one man who can help him. One man whose very existence is dedicated to making sure bad people get what’s coming to them. One man, who will stop at nothing to ensure justice prevails, even if that means being punched in the face a lot. His name is Troy Thunder, agent of KARMA, an organisation dedicated to making sure everyone gets their just desserts. To clear Connor’s name he’s going to have to solve the mystery himself... perhaps with a little help from his friends! The Tooth Fairy Murders is a supernatural whodunnit, with excitement and mystery from start to finish. Bad things are happening to good people and Troy Thunder isn’t about to let that stand.

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

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