Level 3


Author Andrew G Taylor

Science Fiction

autonomy, initiative, perseverance

Harry Boyd can stop time – literally. This enables him to live a life of petty crime under the very noses of other shoppers at the Gatesworth Shopping Centre. Then one day, he is surprisingly caught in the act, and everything starts to unravel.    

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

524 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Stealing Time

    When the giant digital clock in the Gatesworth Shopping centre stopped, everything else stopped too. Shoppers halted in their tracks, as still as the dummies in the window displays. In the food c...

  • Chapter 2 Second Chances

    Harry moved fast, throwing himself into the back of the VW camper van and landing hard among the computer components. Audrienne followed close behind, pulling the door shut. The engine roared and ...

  • Chapter 3 Dark City

    “We have to fight!” exclaimed Harry. “There’s no other option.” As the first of the Regulators raced towards them he threw out his arms and concentrated hard. The quad bikes slowed to a crawl. Be...

  • Chapter 4 Out of Time

    The VW shook madly as Harry threw the space-time switch to Professor Baker’s preset co-ordinates. As the vehicle juddered, he clung on to the steering wheel and hoped that the ancient vehicle held...

  • Chapter 5 Time’s Up

    Harry concentrated harder than he ever had before, imagining a new space-time distortion in the chamber below. As he focused his power, a swirling vortex appeared directly over the fusion sphere. ...