Reading level 1

Frankie Stein's Monster

Author Jan Burchett, Sara Vogler


friendship, confidence, bravery

Frankie Stein's parents are scared of everything. So when the family end up going on holiday to a creepy old house, Frankie's parents are desperate to go home. But Frankie is brave and she is determined to stay at the house, and keep the monster that lurks there a secret from her petrified parents!


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Glad you enjoyed it!

Author  Sara Vogler  ·  14 February 2018, 10:49 a.m.

Thanks, Niharika. We get great enjoyment from writing about children who are braver than adults. It makes for a good story and gets the adults out of the way!

Author  Sara Vogler  ·  14 February 2018, 10:56 a.m.

Just finished great book I luv book absolutely fantastic brilliant amazing delightful scrumptious yummy

Bookworm 15 February 2018, 01:10 p.m.