Reading level 3

The Mystery at Marston's Mill

Author Alex Woolf

Mystery and Thriller

bullying, friendship, honesty, equality

When Maya reads about 13-year-old Grace being transported to Australia for burning down a mill, she is lead to suspect that Grace was innocent. The Time Detectives have a mystery to solve. Joe’s timephone transports them from the now derelict Marston’s Mill back to the busy Marston’s Mill of 1843, and the pair are employed by the brutal overseer Mr Entwistle. They are soon convinced that Grace is not guilty, but can they prove it? And can they survive the fire and prove their own innocence?


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Hi Ashley, Yes, Fogg and Entwistle are real scoundrels, aren't they! But what's going to happen to Grace? And how will Maya and Joe escape the fire? You'll have to read Chapter 5 to find out how the story concludes. It'll be out on Friday.

Author  Alex Woolf  ·  4 October 2017, 05:14 p.m.

Hi Alex, we all loved your story promise us that you will make another realy soon.

We also enjoyed the sense of mystery.

Thank you,
Alex b and Oliver

misswhit 10 October 2017, 12:38 p.m.

Hi Alex B and Oliver, thanks very much for writing. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I'm due to write a new book for Fiction Express most probably in the spring. Look out for details on the website. In the meantime, there are lots of other exciting stories from brilliant authors coming up.

Author  Alex Woolf  ·  10 October 2017, 05:04 p.m.