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Robo Hood

Author David Macphail

Science Fiction

discrimination, empathy, inclusion, solidarity, bravery

Planet Mars 2257. The cyborg awakes, but it has no idea who or where it is. Half-human, half-machine. Computer commands battle garbled memories. The cyborg must learn about itself and the hostile environment surrounding it. There seems to be a battle between the Sheriff and the people in the habitation domes of Mars. But whose side is the cyborg on? Can the human memories break through the robotic conditioning? And can the cyborg learn to accept what it has become?

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Overall rating 3.7 out of 5

2076 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Awake

    The cyborg awakes and struggles to remember what has happened. It seems she is female, and she is drawn to a village with smoke pouring from it. But why? And how will the villagers react to her?

  • Chapter 2 The Snake and the Arrow

    The cyborg has formed some kind of alliance with Much and Lil’ J, but how can the three of them help the people trapped in the Goddethorne dome? And how can she find out more about Gisborne?

  • Chapter 3 The Hounds

    Gisborne and the Sheriff’s men have Robo Hood and Tuck surrounded, but Tuck has a few surprises up his sleeve. Can Robo Hood be trusted? Can she trust herself? And can she find out about her past?

  • Chapter 4 Attack!

    Robo Hood and the rebel leaders swing into full attack on the Sheriff’s tower, pressing ahead with their mission to restore communication with Earth. But things are not quite what they seem...

  • Chapter 5 Last Gasp

    The full extent of the Sheriff and Gisborne’s plans has been revealed, and Robyn and her fellow rebels seem completely defeated. But Robyn isn’t prepared to give up without a fight...

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