Level 3

The Golden Amulet

Author Alex Woolf


equality, ingenuity, initiative, bravery

Gisela, the daughter of an Anglo-Saxon chieftain, is a brave and skilful archer. When her village is attacked by a band of fierce Vikings and her parents are kidnapped, Gisela has a decision to make. Can she trust her uncle, Oswald, who is now in charge of the village? Or is he too friendly with the Vikings? Should Gisela risk everything and try to rescue her parents alone?

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Overall rating 4.4 out of 5

578 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Raid

    The bowstring was taut against Gisela’s fingers as she squinted along the arrow shaft at the target. Her hand was pressed firmly against her cheek, her body in perfect balance. Slowing her breathi...

  • Chapter 2 On the Trail

    For a long moment, Gisela stood outside Aldred’s house, her hand resting on the latch of its little wooden door. Aldred was the closest friend she’d ever had. She loved his parents, too. Yet tonig...

  • Chapter 3 Helping Hands

    Gisela loved the idea of riding in to rescue her parents on a war-wagon. It suited her image of herself as a warrior princess. She also knew it was completely impractical. What could she do alone ...

  • Chapter 4 Breakout!

    Godric had made up his mind. He was going to rescue Wilona, on his own if necessary. He clambered down the tree, Gisela scrambling after him. She was still quite a way from the ground when a thin ...

  • Chapter 5 The Final Challenge

    Gisela took a deep breath. Her mother would have to be brave for just a little longer, she decided – her father and Wulfric needed her more. She slipped out of the tent and crouched in the shadow ...