Level 3

The Zone

Author Alex Woolf


cooperation, perseverance, overcoming adversity, teamwork, bravery

In this gripping alternative-history thriller, set in Nazi-occupied Britain, Lizzy Barnes and her friend Jack are on a mission: they must get vital parts of a code-breaking machine to the British Resistance. But will they be able to make their way across the dangerous Zone and find Agent M, and will the code-breaking machine provide any clues to the whereabouts of their fathers, who disappeared some weeks before?

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

2623 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Occupied!

    It’s February 1941. The Nazis have invaded Britain. They’ve occupied London and much of southern England. The north is controlled by a British regime that is friendly to the Nazis. A resistance mo...

  • Chapter 2 Captured!

    Jack pointed out the party of schoolchildren to Lizzy. “What about trying to melt into that lot?” he suggested. “Are you serious?” said Lizzy. “They look about nine years old. We’ll be spotted st...

  • Chapter 3 Imprisoned!

    If Jack had learned one thing about Lizzy, it was that the girl was stubborn. Ignoring all his brilliant arguments about why they’d be better off taking the van, she simply got down in the road an...

  • Chapter 4 Train Trouble

    The lady had a kind smile, Jack thought, and her brown eyes were bright and lively. The beret perche d on her frizzy black hair made her seem free-spirited and kind of hip for a woman in her 30s. S...

  • Chapter 5 Resistance!

    “I suggest we split up,” said Margaret. “Is that wise?” Lizzy asked. “Aren’t we stronger together?” “I don’t think we have much choice,” Jack replied. “We don’t know which of them now has the th...