Reading level 3

Voyage to Omega

Author David Macphail

Science Fiction

cooperation, overcoming adversity, tolerance, bravery, fiction award

Ana and her mother are leaving a broken, war-torn Earth on a colony ship, bound for a habitable planet called Omega in the Proxima Centauri system. Having recently lost her father, both Ana and her mother are hoping for a fresh start. But there are people on board who pose a threat to their new life, bringing their old Earth enmities into space. When Ana wakes up from hyper-sleep, she discovers that the ship has crash-landed on Omega. Most of the other sleep pods are open, including her mother’s, but where is everyone?

Fiction Express Awards 2019. Winner


Book Forum

I really enjoyed this book and want there to be a continuation we’re ana has to find her way back to Craster,beta and the others 

This student has recognition for a good comment in the book forum.Livi 10 July 2019, 02:43 p.m.

I thought chapter five was a great chapter! I wanted Ana to find her mother so I was happy that that happened! I loved this book and I hope you write a new book soon!

M1 10 July 2019, 02:44 p.m.

The end was just, just... OUTSTANDING, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE!!!

I can't wait to read more book written by you. 

Carzyforbooks 10 July 2019, 08:25 p.m.