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Deena’s Dreadful Day

Author Simon Cheshire


confidence, initiative, patience, perseverance, overcoming adversity

Deena is preparing for her big moment – a part in the local talent contest – but everything is going wrong. Will Deena succeed and wow her audience or will her dreadful day end in disaster? The readers decide....

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

3982 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Big Day

    Deena slowly woke up. Her head was under the covers. She did not even want to peep out because it would still be dark and cold outside. She had to get up very early today. It was Saturday. She wa...

  • Chapter 2 A Race Against Time

    The bus pulled up. People got on and off. Deena looked at Bert. “What should we do?” she said. Bert looked up at the bus and barked. “You’re right,” said Deena. “We’ll collect the costume, then ...

  • Chapter 3 Trouble Maker

    As soon as the judges weren’t looking, Amy kicked the lady judge’s ankle. “Ow!”cried the lady judge. “I think something just bit me!” “It was that horrid little dog,” said Amy, pointing at Bert....

  • Chapter 4 Panic!

    Suddenly, a loud clanging noise echoed through the building. Everyone put their hands to their ears. The man judge appeared, running up and down and waving his arms about. “Fire!” he yelled. “Fir...

  • Chapter 5 Win or Lose?

    Deena saw a figure, in the shadows behind the stage. The figure was taking something from one of the contestants’ bags. “Aha!” thought Deena. “That must be the person who’s been trying to ruin th...