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Mission: Improbable II

Author Simon Cheshire


friendship, self-esteem, perseverance, teamwork

Case: Mission: Improbable II Agents: Jake (bright, cautious, technology expert) and Emma (sporty, adventurous, never looks before she leaps) Previous cases: Mission: Improbable I – to prevent the detonation of a dangerous pulsar weapon. Current mission: To safely deliver top secret agent files Accomplice: Agent Jackson (Jake’s dad) Contact: Unknown Australian agent Location: China... and wherever else the mission takes them Spy gadgets: Lots, of course Chance of success: Slightly better than last time Mission: Improbable II is a sequel to the hugely popular FE e-book Mission: Improbable.

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Overall rating 4.4 out of 5

643 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Chinese Whispers

    “Stay together! Stay together class, please!” cried Mr Stubbins. “Lucy! Hamza! Don’t wander off! Pardon? ... No, you can’t eat your packed lunch now – it’s only ten o’clock!” Jake and his friend ...

  • Chapter 2 The Chase

    Tourists and locals ran around in a panic. The attack of the ninja grannies had caused complete chaos. “Brilliant!” cried Jake. “This confusion is ideal cover! Quick, we don’t want to lose them.”...

  • Chapter 3 Flight

    The two grannies were now safely inside the helicopter. Their motorbikes lay abandoned on the grass. The helicopter’s rotors slowly picked up speed. “Grab hold of the rope ladder!” cried Agent K...

  • Chapter 4 Operation Omega

    The pilot took a menacing step towards Jake, who was busy searching for a means of escape – there was none. The man was large and athletic. Jake would never outrun him. He glanced at the helicopt...

  • Chapter 5 The Raid

    Jake thought carefully, playing for time. “Let’s see now,” he muttered to himself. “There are lots of things to consider here. The robots look quite nasty, but the–” “The polar bear!” cried Emma....