Level 2

Olympic Adventure

Author Stewart Ross


honesty, multiculturalism, perseverance, overcoming adversity

A young athlete from North Africa wants to compete in the boys’ race at the ancient Olympic Games, but his attempts are undermined by a jealous Athenian who has plans for his own champion. In a story involving Aegean pirates, skullduggery and kidnapping will our hero succeed and win through?

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

823 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Warning

    I stared, biting anxiously at my fingernails. It wasn’t fair! For the last practice race of the day, the trainer made Harmon start ten paces behind the other athletes. Sure, he was the strongest,...

  • Chapter 2 Poison!

    “We have only one choice” – the captain’s voice rang strong and clear – “and that’s to fight. They’re faster than us, so there’s no point in running. Courage, men, and we’ll beat off these pirate ...

  • Chapter 3 Cyclops

    Doran was right, of course. Harmon’s enemies – whoever they were – had hired pirates to shoot him and then tried to poison him. Desperate men like that were deadly dangerous. Even now, Doran sugge...

  • Chapter 4 Haunted

    Cyclops grunted at the sudden pain. Jerking his bleeding right hand back from Reena’s needle teeth, he swung his left fist hard into the side of her head. She let out a squeal of pain and fell bac...

  • Chapter 5 The Last Throw

    I felt like one of the statues on the temple back home – solid stone, unable to move. All I could do was stare like an idiot as Cyclops gave me one of his hideous grins, turned and vanished into t...