Reading level 2

Pandora's Box

Author Saviour Pirotta

Fantasy and Myths

self-esteem, confidence, initiative, teamwork, bravery

Alex and her mum are spending the summer on the Greek island of Poros. Alex loves the island and has fun exploring it with her cousin Christos. She especially loves to snorkel. But when they discover and open an ancient wooden chest, they find themselves in a very different Poros from the one they know and love. Instantly transported back to the world of ancient Greece, Alex, Christos and their new friend Phoebe must do the bidding of the goddess Hera to contain the evil they have released…


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I didn't realy like this book because to me it was boring and made me not want to read it. If a book is like that i would usualy stop reading it but i still read to the end

takeover 4 July 2020, 06:39 p.m.

Hi Mr Saviour!

I really liked chapter 4 and I have to say I've enjoyed it the most since I started reading the book. What makes me have such a pleasurable time reading is the combination of past and present. The characters you've used are so interesting as well. In fact, I didn't know quite a few of them, for instance the Grey Sisters. It's a very intriguing book, in addition satisfying and informative. Hope you carry on making such well-written books. Congratulations!

Have a nice day,


This student has recognition for a good comment in the book forum.apkobe24 4 July 2020, 09:35 p.m.

Thank you, apkobe24. I love writing about ancient Greece.

Author  Saviour Pirotta  ·  4 July 2020, 11:12 p.m.