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Prince Charming and his Quest for a Wife

Author Cethan Leahy

Fantasy and Myths

equality, initiative, tolerance

Everyone knows a prince needs a princess but Charming, unlike his name, is really just a wimpy mummy’s boy. When ordered to find a wife he is dismayed to find that neither Rapunzel, nor Snow White nor Sleeping Beauty quite live up to his expectations. Soon he starts to wonder if his quest will ever be a success… Will Charming find his ‘happy ever after’ in this twisted, topsy-turvy fairytale?

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

1663 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Once Upon A Time

    “CHARMING!” roared the queen. “Where has that boy got to?” She listened carefully for clues. A loud snoring was coming from the throne room. The queen stormed through the door. The prince was nap...

  • Chapter 2 A Hairy Situation

    “Righto,” said Prince Charming, looking at the three jars in front of him. He peered into the jar that held the tower with something yellow hanging down the side. “I pick this one!” Rumpelstiltsk...

  • Chapter 3 Wicked!

    The prince gasped. Standing in front of him was a tall, green-skinned woman with a pointy hat and long fingernails. “The wicked witch!” the prince whispered to Harold. “Please don’t hurt us!” he ...

  • Chapter 4 What a Beauty!

    … in front of a giant palace! Prince Charming and Harold stared up at it. The rising sun shone on the building. It was bathed in a warm pink glow. “Wow! This palace is even nicer than mine!” sai...

  • Chapter 5 The Ugly Truth

    A rather odd-looking little man stood before the prince. He wore a black-and-white-striped suit two sizes too big, and a giant bowler hat. Beneath that, his straggly hair, purple warts and pointed...