Reading level 2

The River King

Author Saviour Pirotta

Fantasy and Myths

friendship, overcoming adversity, bravery

Paulo is in Brazil with his father and becomes friends with local girl, Ana. She tells him about the myths and legends of the rainforest as they explore together. But her story about the River King and the boto, the Amazonian pink dolphin, seems to be more than just a tale. Paulo and Ana have evidence, and a mystery to unravel...


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Thank you, Gael.  That is a really nice comment and it is much appreciated. That bit with Paolo and Ana spying on the the River King is one of my favourites too.

Author  Saviour Pirotta  ·  13 February 2018, 06:11 p.m.

Thank you, Olivia. The readers' comments on this forum kept me going. I can't believe the book is finished.

Author  Saviour Pirotta  ·  13 February 2018, 06:13 p.m.

Hello, I really enjoyed the book because it was very interesting and full of fun adventours. The best parts of the book were when an adventoure appeared. 

Continue like this! :)

Nil 14 February 2018, 08:11 p.m.