Reading level 2

The River Prince

Author Saviour Pirotta

Fantasy and Myths

friendship, coexistence, multiculturalism, environment, respect for animals

In this magical sequel to The River King and The River Queen, Paulo is revisiting Brazil with his father. He and his friend Ana dream of a quiet summer exploring the many rivers in the rainforest, free from the clutches of the legendary Bufeo Colorado or his terrifying wife. But they soon encounter a strange boy surrounded by bats, and it seems like the magic of the Amazon is at work once again…


Book Forum

This chapter is interesting and I wish that this book (chapter) likes everyone. Good luck ️ and I like it.

PaolaSalvetto 22 November 2019, 08:01 p.m.

I think the book is very cool and interesting but if you want to really understand you have to read the other two books: The River Queen and The River King

Ezequiel 22 November 2019, 08:08 p.m.

This chaptes was really interesting and I think the book is going to be really cool. But mixing magic with technology still weird to me

PolGrau 22 November 2019, 08:27 p.m.