Level 2

The Vampire Quest

Author Simon Cheshire

Fantasy and Myths

friendship, family, tolerance

James is an ordinary boy, but his best friend Vince is a bit... odd. For one thing, it turns out that Vince is a vampire. His parents are vampires, too. And so are the people who live at No. 38. There are vampires all over the place, it seems, but there’s nothing to worry about. They like humans, and they’d never, ever do anything... horrible to them. Unless... the world runs out of Feed-N-Gulp, the magical vegetarian vampire brew. Which is exactly what’s just happened...  

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

1017 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 A Recipe for Disaster

    It was a Wednesday evening, just after seven o’clock, when James found out that his best mate, Vince Pierce, was a vampire. Vince had been acting strangely at school for a few days, distracted and...

  • Chapter 2 Into the Unknown

    “Right,” said James, pulling himself together “We’d better find this recipe… And quickly.” “You’d really help me out?” said Vince with a tear in his eye. “Even though I just told you I’m a vampir...

  • Chapter 3 Goblinton

    James and Vince could hardly believe their eyes. Something appeared to be growing at great speed out of the nearest tree trunk. Two arms ending in twiggy fingers, two spindly legs, and a head form...

  • Chapter 4 The Riddle Fiddle

    James leaned over to Leafglade and whispered “The trouble is, I don’t trust you.” “I didn’t betray you – brownie’s promise,” she replied, twizzling her hand in the air. “The Goblins just assumed ...

  • Chapter 5 Fangtastic!

    Out of the water rose the biggest creature James had ever seen. It towered up over the surface of the sea like a huge mass of wriggling rubber. Water cascaded off its glistening surface. The monst...