Reading level 2


Author Kathryn James

Fantasy and Myths

coexistence, discrimination, empathy, inclusion, multiculturalism

Faeries have always lived secretly among humans. But when an illness kills off the adult Faeries, their children are forced into the open. And not everyone welcomes them. Faeries must live together on the Faery estate, and wear ankle tags to stop them flying. But they face a worse threat than the unfriendly humans – the Dusters who steal the precious dust from their wings, little caring that this could kill the Faery victim.


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Hi Holly, 

Thanks for your great comment! It was a pleasure writing the story and seeing which options you readers chose. It made writing each chapter so exciting. x

Author  Kathryn James  ·  28 March 2018, 07:29 a.m.

Dear autor,

I am reading your book and is very nice.

pepe 29 March 2018, 04:53 p.m.

Hi Pepe,

Thanks for your comment and glad you're enjoying Wings. I loved writing it x 

Author  Kathryn James  ·  30 March 2018, 07:55 a.m.